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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mt. Natib | The Almost Double Dayhike

After savouring the sun and swimming in crystal clear blue waters for two successive weekends, another relaxing weekend was out of the question.

I was experiencing climbing withdrawal such that all I could think of was hiking, climbing and trekking.

Thus, I devised a good plan for a strenuous 2-day 2-mountain weekend.

Since Mt. Natib and Tarak Ridge both hail from Bataan and both mountains are major climbs, I suggested a double dayhike on these mountains.

It was kind of intimidating but a bit exciting. Our group was on the verge of completing all Laguna based minor climbs that we try to make 2-day climbs on a day’s hike.

We started at the military base of Mt. Natib. They took pictures and logged us in. They were all giving us this confused look but still, they allowed us to climb.

Starting the climb, I began experiencing headaches. I thought it was caused by the long sleep I had but I was wrong.

Before the summit assault, I was so weak that I almost drank all 3 litters of trail water I brought.

We rested for about 20 minutes and continued with the climb.

After 4 hours, we reached the summit. I think it was beautiful but the pain lingering inside my head was so severe, that I did not even exert any effort to look at the views.

I just sat, ate and slept. We stayed at the summit for about an hour.

I asked Agnes if we can postpone the Tarak ridge climb the next day as my head was close to bursting.

She agreed and we made our way down the mountain. After 3 hours of hiking down, we reached the jump off.

I checked my reservoir and saw no fluids. This was the first time in a long time that I drank so much water that it emptied my water source. It was indeed tiring.

Oh well, at least we had a good hard climb after a month of relaxing.

Maybe the double day hike was meant to be done with a large group.

Or maybe, it was just my body reacting against doing a hard climb after a relaxing month.

Still, I thank God for giving me the strength to finish Mt. Natib in a day.

Group Itinerary

04:00 - depart from Manila to Orani, Bataan
07:00 - arrival at Orani, arrange tricycle to jump off
07:30 - log in at military outpost, arrange guides
08:00 - start trek
09:30 - arrival at red gate (private vehicles can go directly here)
11:00 - arrival at base camp
12:00 - arrival at summit, lunch and rest
13:00 - descend to jump off
16:00 - back at jump off, tidy up and rest
17:00 - depart from Orani to Manila
20:00 - arrival at Manila

How to get to Mt. Natib

Take a Bataan Transit or Genesis Transit Orani - Bound Bus at Cubao or Doroteo Jose (LRT) Bus Stations. You will get off at the National Highway (just tell the conductor to drop you off going to Orani Public Market).

Orani Public Market is a walking distance from the National Highway, you can opt to go there to ride a jeep / rent a trycycle to take you to Barangay Tala, or you can arrange for a jeep before hand to pick you up at the National Highway.

*we would like to thank Agnes Navales for the photos on this post


  1. wow Dane! Assaulting two mountains consecutively? I can imagine how tiring that could be. Pajoin naman minsan sa inyo ni Agnes....

  2. @Dee Quixotic - sure sir, we'll post in our page our upcoming trips. hopefully one day magkasama ung mga groups natin atop a mountain. thanks

  3. Hi Dane, been following your blog eversince:) magkano nga pla yung guide fee sa Natib? Balak ko din sanang idayhike sya:) arnel

    1. Hi. I can't remember it exactly but i believe its about P400 for the day trip. That was last year. Di ko sure kung magkano ngayon. Wala din kasi silang ung regulated na fees etc.


  4. Sir kahit anong bataan bouind bus ba marivels or balanga pwede yun papunta orani? tnx!

    1. Kahit Mariveles or Balanga na bus dadaan ng Orani but along hi-way. And pagbaba nyo sa me trycycle na papunta sa Brgy Tala (P50 each).

      Yung Orani mismo kasi na bus, sa loob sha dadaan and bababa kayo sa public market and me jeep dun papunta sa Brgy Tala kaya lang hindi ata lagi me jeep so kami pag pumupunta Natib, Balanga sinasakyan namin then tryk.

      Thank you.


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