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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nagsasa Cove | Beach Camp

It was mid-summer and the searing heat made me want to go for a cool dip at the beach. With Zambales not being that far from Manila, Nagsasa came to mind as my first choice for our destination.
Our first stop was Camara Island, a small island nearest the shores of Pundaquit.

With not even a tree to offer us shed, we didn’t find much to do in this island.

Nevertheless, the great rock formations made it ideal for picture taking.

Next, we headed off to Capones Island. We were supposedly going to visit the lighthouse, but unfortunately, our boatman advised us not to pursue because of the strong waves.

With the unfriendly seawaters stopping us from going to its main attraction, we just decided to climb a small hill to have a better view of the open sea.  We were also amazed by the different kinds of rock formation we passed by.

The heat of the sun caused by the barren island was taking its toll making us decide to head off  to the main cove of Nagsasa.

After an hour and a half of boat ride, we were welcomed at the cove by calm waves and pristine blue waters. With its long stretch of white sand beach and mountain ranges as background, being here was truly a blessing.

Excited to take a dip, we were halted by the fact that we needed to pitch our tents. It was a bummer, although the heat of the sun added to the reasons why a dipping would not be a good idea.

After preparing lunch, we lazed around the sands and enjoyed the serenity of the beach.

The sands were so hot that when we walked barefoot, it felt like our feet were being toasted.

Having that in mind, we decided to play a game of cards in the shade where the loser would be punished by standing 5 minutes under direct sunlight.

After the card game, we then explored the river on the far end of the cove. While savoring the beauty of the place, we decided to wait for the sunset.

The night was great.  I certainly enjoyed staring at the stars in its pitched black surroundings, listening to the crashing waves and feeling the cool breeze of the night.

Morning came, we decided to climb a hill where we were overwhelmed by the view of the whole cove. 

Everything was so perfectly placed as if you were looking at a picture or a painting. From there, we discovered a small reef near the shoreline. Not missing a single chance, we swiftly decided to go for a snorkel.

Looking back on our trip, I think what we enjoyed most was taking a long dip in the waters, not minding what and how we would look like after hours of swimming.  

The calm waves and cool clear blue waters would make you think you're in an infinity pool with mountain ranges as the backdrop. 

I prefer that this place not be commercialized and not be trashed by rude tourists. I hope that this place will remain as it is, serene and untouched.  

*credits to Agnes Navales for all the photos in the article


  1. I've visited a lot of beautiful natural spot in Philippines, I consider Nagsasa Cove one of the 10 top spot of natural beauty wonder. Nice article and good job for sharing your travel experience.

  2. sir, ganda naman nung pic nung girl na may big floaty! ;P

  3. I'll let her know, maybe the sunglasses helped a bit. =)

  4. Nice place po.. I love how the place was photographed and the calm water is very nice place to swim to relax a bit.

  5. Thanks zhian, the photos were taken 2 years ago. I hope that the place, as of now, is still in its pristine state

  6. I've been here twice in one year! it's the best R&R places i'd recommend for all times!! may the people who visit nagsasa and enjoy the serenity and relaxation this place offers be responsible enough to keep the pristine beauty of Nagsasa! -- xabigailx

  7. Hi Abigail, I hope that would be the case also. thanks for the read

  8. I admire your style of photography! the silhouette looks great!


  9. Hey, thanks. The photos here are from Agnes Navales. I just did the editing. =)

  10. I never get tired of browsing your pictures. it's superb! you gave me an idea where to have a short vacation in Feb. thanks!

  11. Replies
    1. would u be able to comment about magalawa island resort, i heard the beach is either rocky or full of weeds. can u give a little discription . thanks.

    2. Yup. thats true. its rocky and sometimes full of weeds but the place is quiet if devoid of tourists. its quite nice as a weekend getaway. Much better option than Anawangin.


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