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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Potipot Island | Perfect Beach Daytrip

It was the beginning of the year and my cousin, out of nowhere, asked me if I can join her on a Potipot day-trip. 

Without hesitation, I gave her a resounding "yes" and immediately packed my things.

After the 5 hour bus ride, we arrived at Uacon, Zambales. 

Since it was early such that the sun was not yet up, most of the resorts were still closed. 

Fortunately, Dawal Beach Resort was like an early bird. And for that, we decided to arrange boat rides there. 

It was just a short 5-min boat ride from the main shore. So close was that island such that Bear Grylls wouldn't have a hard time swimming the distance to potipot. And that is not a sarcastic statement. 

Nearing the beach, we were accompanied by the sunrise peeking behind the mountain ranges. Illuminating the white sands of the small island, the sceneries already surpassed our high expectations.

We were welcomed by powdery sands, calm waters and gusts of cool breeze. The island was completely empty with tourists and it was like arriving at our own private island. It was heaven.

The caretaker explained to us the entrance and cottage fees and since there were no other people, he gave us the privilege to use one of his cottages for free

We walked the shoreline of the whole island in just about 30 minutes then went back for the perfect spots for photo ops. 

We just relished the waters the whole morning and relaxed for the remainder of the day, falling asleep at the sands to the sounds of the waves. 

Our mind and body was just at peace and it was really good unwinding at this serene place. 

But of course it was only a day trip, so by the end of the afternoon we bid farewell, looking forward to the next time we will again touch the shores of Potipot.


day 1

00:00 - Depart from Manila via Sta. Cruz Bound Bus
05:00 - Arrived at Uacon in Candelaria, Zambales
05:50 - Take boat ride from Dawal Beach Resort
06:00 - Arrived at Potipot
11:00 - Lunch
15:00 - Leave Potipot
15:10 - Tidy up at Dawal Beach Resort
15:35 - Wait for Mini Bus to Iba (If there are no buses to Manila)
17:00 - Arrived at Iba
18:00 - Depart from Iba to Manila
22:00 - Arrived at Manila

How to get to Potipot

Take a Victory Liner Sta. Cruz at Caloocan or Sampaloc Bus station. Get off at Uacon in Candelaria, Zambales. You can tell the bus conductor to drop you off at Dawal Beach Resort. Walk towards Dawal Beach Resort and arrange boats to potipot. Potipot is just a 5-minute boat ride from the shoreline.

You can check Dawal Beach Resort here:

For Victory Liner Sta. Cruz ñ Bound Buses, you can check their schedules and fares here:

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