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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oriental Mindoro | The Serene Beach Of Talipanan

When Filipinos hear of Puerto Galera, the first thing that pops into their mind is the picture of an over-crowded white beach. Being easily accessible with quite affordable accommodations on top of the party atmosphere, the place is popular to college students and young professionals looking for a weekend getaway. 

Unknown to many however, there is one place here where peace-seeking travellers can find a relaxed and tranquil serenity. Away from the noise and the havoc Puerta Galera is known for, one can appreciate its lush waters better at the lesser known beach of Talipanan.

More than ever, Talipanan beach can be really quiet during off-season. With only 5 resorts, it is absolutely a catch for a tourist looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Of the few places we could spend the night in, we chose to stay at the Bamboo House Beach Lodge and Restaurant.

Arriving early at the area, we were taken aback by the utmost serenity of the place. It was summer season yet the beach was devoid of tourists and other people. We could only hear the crashing of the waves and the gentle whishing of the ocean breeze. 

Our lunch had to wait as we chilled out by the beachside taking pleasure on the whiff of crystal clear sea water. We started to put the stress of our daily life in Manila behind. It was indeed a great place to unwind.

After the sumptuous lunch, we braced ourselves for the adventure that lied ahead.

First off, we went snorkelling at the Coral Garden. Subjected to an unorthodox way of showcasing sea life, I somehow didn’t like being dragged by a small boat to the fish sanctuaries. Nevertheless, the beauty of the place was still overwhelming that the pain felt by my knees began to subside.

After taking photos of the sand bar, we decided to go back to our resort but as we were on our way, our group stumbled upon a stretch of secluded virgin beach. We politely asked the boatman if we could stay there for a while and fortunately, he obliged cheerfully.

Being toppled by meter high waves, the Pacific Ocean beach of Dingalan suddenly came to mind. It was in fact astounding and as an added bonus, the place was once again free of other tourists.

As we returned to Talipanan, we were given a parting gift by the skies as it exhibited a scenic view of the sun approximating the horizon. It was a magnificent end to an incredible day.

Back at the resort, we humbly requested that we partake our dinner outside the restaurant where we would be serenaded by the symphony of humming crickets and the ocean waves. They graciously agreed, quickly moving the table and other utensils to a hut near the beach; it was an exquisite phase to start a peaceful and quiet night.

After the invigorating dinner, we loafed at the beach front for a while. We gazed at the stars while sharing stories from our past endeavors. It was a very comfortable place to bond such that we were almost lulled to complete slumber.

After hours of bonding in the sand, we finally surrendered to our beds, ready to recharge our bodies after a day at the open seas.

At the first sight of the sun, we decided to swim at the resort’s beach front. We swam for hours and enjoyed the tranquil almost empty beach. We savoured the moment until it was time to check-out. The weekend tour was closing to its end.

We all went home having the “bitin feeling”. Two days at the island was definitely a short time to explore the whole place but at least we still had plenty of good reasons to come back to that serene piece of land. 

Nonetheless, we were so pleased to be given time to take away the stress from our daily upbeat life. It was a welcome respite after months of captivity from the city of Manila. After being battered and bruised by the never ending tapestry of people and events at the metro, Talipanan beach is definitely the place where we can have relaxation and tranquillity almost at its finest.

Group Itinerary

day 1

03:30 - Meet up at Cubao Jam Liner
04:00 - Departure to Batangas Pier
07:00 - Arrival at Batangas Pier
07:15 - Departure to White Beach
09:30 - Arrival at White Beach / Take trycycle to Talipanan
10:00 - Arrival at Talipanan Beach
11:00 - Lunch
13:00 - Island Hopping (coral garden / sandbar / secluded beach)
17:00 - Return to resort
19:00 - Dinner
21:00 - Lights out

day 2

07:00 - Breakfast
08:00 - Swimming / Beach bumming
12:00 - Checkout resort
12:30 - Arrival at White Beach / Lunch
13:30 - Departure to Batangas Pier
15:30 - Arrival at Batangas Pier / Board bus to Manila
18:30 - Arrival at Manila

** Sometimes there are boats that go straight to Talipanan.

How to get to Talipanan Beach

Board a Batangas Pier bound bus. The travel takes about 3 hours. Upon arrival at Batangas Pier, purchase ferry tikcets to Talipanan Beach / White Beach. Ferry usually takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.

If drop off is at White Beach, take tricycle to Talipanan Beach.

For ferry schedule, you can checkout this site:

Bamboo House Beach Resort:


  1. nakapag Talipanan na pala kayo.. sayang hndi pa kayo tumuloy sa Malasimbo.

    sana walang tao pag pumunta ako.

    1. Yep. over the weekend beach getaway lang. hehe. and hindi nakasama si dane dito kaya no malasimbo for us. Next time!

    2. We were supposed to climb Mt. Malasimbo too last weekend but we decided to just beach bum in White Beach.

      Ang ganda ng Talipanan Beach!!
      Thanks for the info!

    3. can is ask how much was the tike ride from white beach to talipanan??

    4. May I ask how much is your stay at Bamboo House per night? By the way, the photos are admirable.

    5. The room that we got is 2000 pesos good for 4 persons, and it's airconditioned. There are also cheaper fan rooms but I'm not sure of the prices. You can contact them on their website posted above. Thanks!

  2. nice! been to Puerto Galera twice, but I never heard of Talipanan Beach... I definitely have to check this out soon! thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Must-visit din ang Talipanan if going to Galera. Different ambiance talaga from White Beach. Thanks din.

  3. been here too, same time of last year. walang crowd. =)

    1. kaya perfect getaway para makapagrelax talaga. when we were there, me foreigner dun that's been staying for a month. na inlove ata sa talipanan. hehe.

  4. Ang ganda at hindi puno ng tao! Thank sa pagshare. punta ako dito soon. :)

    1. Gusto nga namin bumalik dito e lalo na si dane kasi di sha nakasama. hehe.

  5. mam kamusta po ung sand? powdery po ba? mabato po b?

    1. I can say na medyo powdery na din sha but shempre mas powdery pa din yung sa bora etc. Saka malinis ung shore kaya ok for swimming.

      Nung pumunta kami hindi matao and sabi din ng mga me ari ng resorts hindi sha ganun katao talga compared to white beach. secluded din kasi sha.


  6. Hi! Thanx for sharing! We're planning to visit talipanan, would u give us some tip on how much would it cost us for an overnyt stay?:) and ung food sa resto nla budget-friendly ba? Tnx!

    1. The room that we got is 2000 pesos good for 4 persons, and it's airconditioned. There are also cheaper fan rooms but I'm not sure of the prices. You can contact them on their website posted above. Thanks!

  7. this is my secret beach in galera. hehe
    lets expect more crowds next year.

  8. wow. nice place. :) does bamboo house resort offers water activities? how much ung island hopping? thanks.

    1. Yes, but I'm not sure kung anu pa ung ibang activities since island hopping lang kami. I can't remember exactly kung how much but I think mga asa 2k for a half day trip ata kami nun. Thanks!

  9. Hello. Si Ms. Juvie po ba ang contact nyo sa Bamboo House? Thanks po.

  10. Si Ms. Juvie po ba ang contact nyo sa Bamboo House? Thanks po.

  11. Hi. The first photo was not taken at the beachfront of the resort. Its a cove between the white beach and the coral garden. We just told our boatman if we can stop there since there are no huts ir resort there.



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