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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mt. Tenglawan | Bakun Trio Part 2

I started this day with a smile. Mt. Tenglawan was said to be the hardest of the 3 mountains of Bakun but the fact that it was the last of the consecutive day hikes made me feel ecstatic. In a matter of hours, I would be able to say that I have completed Bakun trio.

A slightly sunny morning started our trek. Like Mt. Kabunian, the hike began with a 300 meter down hill climb. It could be somewhat disappointing but our previous knowledge of this kind of path gave us a good heads up.

We hiked for 30 minutes until we reached a long hanging bridge at an altitude of approx. 800 MASL. It was an awesome spectacle as the man-made path dangled on top of a raging river complimented by waterfalls dispersed around the higher parts of the slope: an amazing masterpiece indeed.

Continuing the path leads to a trail going directly to Brgy. Beyeng. At an altitude of approx. 1200 MASL, it is almost the same height as Bakun Poblacion proper. Our pack reached the place after an hour and a half of climbing, giving us enough time to rest at the laidback sitio.

We refilled our canteens and played with some of the village kids. We waited for the whole group to reach the place before continuing the trek. By 08:30 AM we were all there and raring to go.

The next part of the hike was a simple walk up the ridge connecting to Mt. Tenglawan. Here, you can see breath-taking views of the whole Bakun: Benguet majestically guarded by the towering summit of Tenglawan.

You will reach a height of approx. 1400 MASL before again down climbing to the foot of Tenglawan which is approx. 1000 MASL. It was exasperating at the start but the rewarding views from the trail gave us good reason enough to continue on lightheartedly.

The hardest part of a Bakun trio adventure may differ from one climber to another’s view. As for me, the final 900 meter steep assault to the summit was the one that took me to my limit. 

For 2 straight hours, you’ll be climbing an Akiki-like trail, complete with the soft soil, slippery dead grass and pine trees dominating the view.

Dragged with fatigue accumulated from the past 2 consecutive day hikes, this part of the trail would be the last stretch a climber needed to complete the very challenging Bakun trio climb. It was much harder for our group as the downpour did not stop. As if an icing to this otherworldly torment, leeches were scattered all around the ground, ready to bite whenever a climber falls down to his knees. 

I can even remember times when my legs would just stop walking. I sensed it as a direct outcome of the Lobo and Kabunian day hikes ordeal.

It was a gruelling finish to a very punishing set of climbs. As for our group, we reached the 3rd Bakun summit after 6 hours of climbing. Finally arriving at the highest point, notwithstanding the lack of views and tremendous downpour, I felt a surge of fulfilment for having finished this horrific set of climbs. “At last”, we trumpeted “3 DOWN, BAKUN TRIO NA!”

We hiked back to base after eating lunch at the summit. We even got lost on our way down but thanks to the help of some villagers, we ultimately found the right way and by 06:00 PM, all of the members of our group were back at the Brgy hall, ready for a sumptuous and rewarding dinner.

We ended our adventure by giving school supplies to the kids of Bakun Elementary school. It may be hard for us to walk but seeing the smile of the kids was like instant medication to our sore muscle.

flag ceremony
scenic elementary school
All boxes of donations were emptied. Everything we had was given to the students. Exuding a sigh of relief, our whole gang was able to give something to every kid in the school. We headed back home, going our separate ways after experiencing one of the hardest and most memorable climbs we’ve ever had.

exactly complete
classroom with Ms. Tramping Philippines
Happiness and fulfilment, friendship and camaraderie, excitement and exhilaration, all these were awarded to us by the three Bakun Mountains. It may take a long time before I can get back and trek these consecutive mountains again but at least I could now claim that I have fully and courageously completed Bakun Trio.

the group
the group

Read the first part of our Bakun Trio adventure

Group Itinerary (Bakun Trio)

day 3

03:00 - wake up call, prepare breakfast
05:00 - breakfast
06:00 - start trek to hanging bridge
06:30 - arrival at hanging bridge, continue trek
07:00 - arrival at 1st waiting shed, rest
07:30 - arrival at Brgy. Beyeng, rest,
08:20 - continue trek to ridge
09:30 - arrival at top of ridge, start descent
10:00 - arrival at foot of Mt. Tenglawan
11:00 - arrival at pine forest
12:00 - arrival at summit, lunch
13:30 - trek back to Brgy. Hall
16:30 - back at Brgy. Beyeng (we were lost that's why were late)
17:10 - back at hanging bridge
17:45 - back at Brgy. hall, tidy up, rest
18:30 - prepare breakfast
20:00 - breakfast, socials
22:00 - prepare donations
23:00 - lights out

day 4

05:00 - prepare breakfast, decamp
07:00 - gift giving
09:00 - departure for Baguio
12:00 - lunch at stopover
15:00 - arrival at Baguio
17:00 - departure for Manila
23:00 - arrival at Manila

How to get to Bakun, Benguet

Take a Baguio Bound Bus at Cubao, Pasay or Sampaloc Bus Stations. From Baguio, you can rent a jeepney straight to Bakun from Maam Geenia Epe.

Make prior arrangements with Ms. Geenia for the jeep going to the jump off. You can contact her at 09198169234. Check out my article about her here:

Maam Gina's Jeepney
For Victory Liner Baguio Bound Buses, you can check their schedules and fares here: 

*Special thanks to Kuya Lear, Kuya Gem, Kuya Val and the whole PACM company!! One of the best and most memorables trips we've had, big thanks to our group!!


  1. hardcore talaga! i haven't even heard of this mountain!

    i love the photos of the kids behind the railings, sweet! :)

  2. Mary Ann L. Tabao-ecOctober 17, 2012 at 3:55 PM

    What a wonderful experiences to share... thanks for visiting my place. I saw my nephew on one of your pictures taken in school.
    Keep up the spirit of traversing mountains! God keep!!!

    1. Bakun is truly a special place and we will definitely come back here, hopefully next year!

      The kids here are really welcoming. We really had a nice time here.


  3. grabe!!! nakakainggit! sana makasama ako sa inyong mga travel bloggers minsan..:)) #WishfulThinking

    1. If we have an open climb we'll post on our FB page. most likely this December to Mt. Pulag Ambangeg. we kinda miss it already! haha


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