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Monday, November 12, 2012

Sumilon Island | Central Visayas Backpacking (p. 2)

After our solemn Apo Island trip, the planned itinerary was to go directly to Oslob, Cebu. This, being my first time in the southern part of the island, my cousin unexpectedly urged me to delay our sojourn and squeeze in a luxurious Island trip into our plans. I wasn’t really keen on spending that much money but with no other ways to say ‘no’, I hastily agreed to a spontaneous visit to the Island paradise of Sumilon.

Sumilon Island is a popular luxurious island resort in Oslob, Cebu, renowned for its powdery white sand beach decorating a hotel with extravagant rooms and magnificent service. It is a bit pricey for our standards but at the time, I thought, “What the heck!” we were there and it’s kinda good to splurge money from time to time. The only thing that worried me was if the splurge was worth it and thankfully, the overall package delivered to us by the resort was more than what we expected.

Being the cheapest one offered, we took the day trip package; but though the price was much lower than the other counterparts, the resort’s service was still top notch. After being fetched by the resort’s own private boat, the looming beauty of the turquoise beach of Sumilon spanked us with its beauty. 

We docked at the island with our mouths wide open. It was fancy and beautiful. I even thought that the clothes we were wearing were not suited for the resort’s ambiance. After stepping on the island, we were again fetched instantly by their own shuttle service to go directly to the resort’s main lobby. Yes! The resort would not allow you to walk.

Even for the cheapest price, the package still included all amenities the resort offered. The receptionist gave us a map of the whole island marking all of the places we could go to and of course, we decided to try all of it to make our payments worth it.

We first visited the gorgeous infinity pool of the resort. With every bit of anxiousness tingling in our bodies, we excitingly dipped in the cool and refreshing place. Not only did it offer relaxation but it also has a stunning view of the coral garden back dropped by ultra-clear waters of the beach. It was love at first sight.

captivating view
After taking every conceivable angle for photo opportunities, we were enticed by the coral garden down below to take a dip in its crystal clear beach. Good thing that the resort provided us with snorkelling gear for free as this was not originally in our plans. 

With no exhaustion whatsoever, we decided to kayak on the island’s lagoon. We circled the body of water once and after the satisfaction of great photographs, we decided to partake our package-included lunch.

As our hunger was causing us to clamour over the pricey buffet set, to our huge astonishment, our set lunch was humongous without sacrificing the taste. We were eating a 5-star dish accompanied by 5-star service. I’m starting to think that this luxurious getaway could be addictive but hey, at least I was experiencing it at its finest.

It took us almost an hour to finish the whole set meal. We were the first ones to enter the dining hall and were also the last ones to leave. Yes! We were that hungry. But enough of the food, it was again time for our island exploration.

The next part of our Dora-esque island tramping was taking a dip in its turquoise beach. It was clear but not at all calm however: it gave the sea a good alternate view as we could see the transparent tumbling waves as it dived down the sands beneath. It was really alluring and we didn’t have any second thoughts being trampled by the clear waves.

powder everywhere
tumbling waves
Another upside of the not-so-calm beach was that the waves were coming from different directions. Dipping at the intersections was like being massaged at different points on your back. It was relaxation at its maximum level.

We bathe for hours in the serene waters not minding the heat of the sun slowly burning our backs. 

After the dip, we decided to walk around every corner of the island to experience all there is inside this paradise. We mingled with other people who were so kindly courteous treating us like fancy guests of the island. We never once felt that we were only there for the cheapest package. It was all worth its hefty price.

My cousin decided to rest inside a cottage while I continued to explore the other remaining destinations. I trod a trail going directly to a lighthouse that was built exactly for the island. It was eerie as I was the only one walking through its forestry path but after only minutes of hiking, I got to the place in one piece.

eerie trail
the lighthouse
Last place to visit was the Jacuzzi. We stayed there until the time came for us to checkout. We savoured the view of the sunset while waiting for our call time.

After a day of relaxation and luxurious amenties, it was finally time to go home. Our shuttle fetched us, our boat went back to the island and we said goodbye with appreciation with what we've just experienced in such a short time in this paradise island. 

I never really expected to have this kind of luxurious experience on this 5-day backpacking trip. Sumilon surprised and amazed us by giving us this highlight of a trip. It was the perfect balance between luxury and nature thus giving me enough reason to plan a comeback trip to this island. It may take a gutsy toll on our wallets but I think Sumilon is worth every penny you pay...maybe even more!

docking area
*more photos of Sumilon Island

hall view
relaxation area
ms. tramping philippines
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Group Itinerary

05:30 - Bus Terminal from Dumaguete to Oslob
07:30 - Sumilon Port (Wait for boat transfer)
09:30 - Scheduled Boat to Sumilon Island
09:45 - Arrival at Sumilon Island, explore and have fun
12:00 - lunch time
13:00 - continue exploration
17:30 - departure from Sumilon Island
17:45 - jeep to whale watching area
18:00 - overnight at Oslob

How to get to Sumilon Island

If coming from Dumaguete, ride a bus from Dumaguete Ceres Bus Terminal going to Oslob. If coming from Cebu City, ride a bus from Cebu South Terminal Bus and ride a bus bound for Oslob. Alight in front of Sumilon Island Resort Port. Wait for boat transfer.

Going to Sumilon Island Boat Schedule:
07:00, 09:30am, 11:00, 12:30, 14:00, 16:30

From Sumilon Island Boat Schedule:
09:00, 10:30, 12:00, 13:30, 15:30, 17:30

To go back to Dumaguete, ride a bus bound for Liloan and alight at the port area. Take a ferry to Sibulan, Negros Oriental. Upon arriving at Sibulan, take a jeepney to Dumaguete City.

*thanks to my cousin, ate lyn for accompanying me in this 5-day escapade.


  1. sumilon is indeed a haven for beach bums and i love every place in that island! their sandbar shifts. depending on the season, you may not see the same sand formation when you go back to the island next time though ;-) glad you had a blast at Sumilon Island Dane! :D

    1. Hi Doi! Actually it was Agnes and her cousin who went here. I was left at home. SOB SOB SOB

  2. i really enjoyed reading your post and looking at the photos. they make me want to book a ticket to Cebu asap and head straight to the island after touchdown. if only it's that easy :)

    1. Thanks. After the trip, I was really thankful that we decided to visit Sumilon cause it really became the highlight of our trip. Hoping to go back here soon for an overnight stay naman! hehe. Thanks again.

  3. Good day.
    planning to visit sumilon soon! :)
    I just read that it's kinda pricey,
    How much would it cost me, if I visit sumilon?(cheapest, lunch included. not overnight)

    1. the cheapest is the day trip package. weekday is 1500 per person lunch included. weekends and holidays is 2000.


  4. nice pics wer so excited this coming June 20-22 will definitely visit sumilon island and get the day tour package im so inlove wd the scenery of the island

    just wndering is lunch buffet? or plated?

    1. It's plated. It has an appetizer, soup, i think 3 viands, pancit, rice, iced tea and dessert. thanks!

  5. Awesome photos! Ps. I look cute in them! Cheers! :)


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