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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Carabao Island | The Peaceful Island Of Romblon

After my band, Maude, got signed by Terno Recordings and with gigs conflicting with our schedules, most of the planned trips Agnes and I had were cancelled. We were supposed to tramp Samar and Leyte months back but the inopportune time of being exactly at the same day as Maude’s big event made me forego the trip.

Despite this dilemma, I promised Agnes that our next sojourn would be a sure-fire go. Thankfully, all of our schedules cleared, the weather became cooperative and our Romblon-Aklan backpacking trip was set.

The first part of the journey was to tread the mystical white beach in Romblon called “Carabao Island”. Being hailed as “Boracay” sans the congestion, the serenity it would offer delighted us to the point of screaming. Well, not to literally scream... but you get the point! It would be that beautiful.

We started the trip by taking a van from Aklan all the way to Caticlan Port. I initially thought that the ferry we would be taking was the same as the ones we had going to Boracay however, we rode a “lantsa” filled with locals and their products instead of the normal tourists.

It was a long sickening boat ride that ended for almost 1 hour; but the alluring white sands of the island with its turquoise-coloured beach surprised us. It was definitely one of the prettiest images I have ever seen. 

As I alighted from the vessel with eyes fully locked up but definitely agape, I was convinced we had indeed chosen the best destination. It was really a wonderful sight and yes, it was like Boracay minus the party atmosphere. It was serene, peaceful and tranquil. It was perfect.

We readily deposited our things at the place we would stay then traced the white path of the beach. At first, the clouds hovered beneath the skies but the friendly heavenly workers gave us a delightful sight as the color blue started to dominate the view. It was indeed a blessing.

cloudy start
sunny afternoon
Like nomads lost in an isolated island, we tramped the beach. We climbed inclined coconut trees and captured shots on every conceivable angle we could find. It was fun having a small place all our own and most specially, having an almost 2-kilometer beach was truly a gift.

As added bonus, we crossed paths with fellow traveller Jay Agoo. He tipped us on a quicker and better way of visiting Boracay without riding back to Caticlan. We decided to eat our lunch with them and continued our pictorial while the heat of the sun was in full blast. 

this is jay agoo
balancing act
photo op
At this time, with the clouds so far away, it was searing hot but we didn’t mind getting burned. Anyway, it was months since the last time the sun had this opportunity cooking our skin. It was our long awaited return to traveling and it did not disappoint.

burn baby, burn
scorching heat
Before the sun set on the horizon, we decided to buy the necessary ingredients for our own dinner. Thus we ended the great day walking back home as the big red disk started to duck for cover. We had a hearty meal and rested in preparation for the coming days ahead.

tourism center
We only had a short 1-day stay in this beautiful island but the time we spent here was truly remarkable. With lack of supplies as its only drawback, it is still really great that it was not as popular as Boracay. It is my fervent hope that when it becomes a tourist destination, people would keep and respect the tranquillity it brings.

virgin beach
On our end, we are content that we experienced Carabao island at its most serene and tranquil state. That isolation was over as we embarked on the next leg of our trip: one of the most popular sites not only in our country, but also in the whole world. It’s now time to experience the party island known as Boracay.

*more pictures of Carabao Island

all alone


day 1 (Isla de Carabao)

06:00 - board van to Caticlan jetty port
08:30 - arrival at Caticlan, board tricycle to Tabon BayBay port
08:45 - arrival at Tabon BayBay port, board lantsa to Carabao
09:30 - departure for Carabao Island
10:30 - arrival at Carabao Island, Settle Inn
11:00 - explore island
12:30 - lunch
13:00 - continue exploration
17:30 - buy dinner needs
18:30 - sunset viewing
19:00 - prepare dinner
20:00 - dinner
21:00 - lights out

How to get to Carabao Island

Daily flights from Manila to Kalibo Aklan are available regularly. Also, Cebu Pacific offers direct flights to Caticlan Airport

From Kalibo, board a van to Caticlan. At Caticlan take a trycycle to Tabon BayBay Port. There are boats to Carabao Island at 8:30am daily. Boat ride depends on the waves. As for our tour, we had an almost 1 hour boat ride.

*Kudos to Jay Agoo! It was nice meeting you and your friend


  1. Hi. Where did you stay in Carabao Island? And how much is the ferry fare to the island? Thanks!!

    1. We stayed at a local's house there. Me isang resort dun ung Republic of Inobahan but we opt to stay dun nga sa 1 house ng taga dun. You can contact 09183303718 regarding the accommodation kahit if gusto nyo dun sa resort, he can help you.

      Ferry to the island is 100 per person. Thanks!

    2. Thank you very much Magnet for the info. Big help! Any idea how many trips the ferry has? Or where can I find info on that?

    3. As I remember, there's only 1 trip per day and that's the one we took. boat would go to Caticlan at 06:00 AM from Carabao, then go back by 09:00 AM to Carabao.

  2. Interesting. I have been long planning to visit this famous island. thanks for this post. Nice captures too!

  3. There are also flights to Tablas Island in Romblon, then a 45-minute ride to Carabao Island. :-)

    Can't wait to go back here this summer.

    Awesome photos!

    1. Hey thanks Ryan! will def add this to my how to go to list.

  4. This is in my bucketlist this year and i wished I can come here soonest. :) ganda ng pagkakakuha ng photos :)

  5. Thanks Dane. This is great.

    1. Hey Doc Efren!! Thanks, and thanks for reading the blog. Hope you travel all around the Phils sometime

  6. Wow! This is interesting! I should include this spot to my travel destinations this year. And oh', nice pictures you have in here. Great job!

    Best regards!

  7. Dearest Dane,
    You have plan of bringing us to Boracay. I would rather that you bring us to Carabao island. I just don't know if your Dad's blood pressure would soar high with that one hour boat ride. The place should be much more beautiful than Matawe for it to be worth that arduous trip for him.

    1. Yes mom, I think dad would have a problem with this. hahaha. Cause the trip to Boracay faces the other side of the waves giving us a cool and much much calmer sea whereas the one going to Carabao circles the whole island and goes directly to Romblon going straight to the part where it is open. haha. Although we can still find a spot in Boracay where there's much less people. you'll see it in my upcoming article.

    2. Well anyway, aside from the color of the sand, our own Matawe get away nook offers the same serenity and pristine water ...Carabao island even simulated Matawe's cloud formation over the Boracay or Sagada kaya?

    3. I think Boracay's more suitable. Sagada is a 12 hour zig zagging bus trip from Manila. hehe

  8. Hey how did you return to Boracay? The quicker and better way wothout going back to caticlan?

    1. We took a boat straight to boracay. It's on the other side of the port of Carabao Island. We took a habal-habal to the area then board a fisherman's boat to boracay. It leaves at 6am everyday.

  9. I can't to one day travel and lay my eyes on this paradiso. I just hope too, that if that day comes when this place becomes a tourist destination, the tourists and the locals won't make it like a prodigy of Boracay's nightlife. I hope they maintain and preserve its virginity. I've been saving up my allowance for this destination!! <3


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