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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gear Review | Keen Newport H2 & Waimea H2

A bright sunny day touched our skins as our habal habal zigzagged through the mountains of Mantalongon, Cebu. I was actually a bit guilty because the metro was being ravaged by Maring yet, there we were, enjoying the sun-shiny day. As we awkwardly disembarked the motorcycle, we went through our bags, got our KEEN sandals, slipped it down our feet and continued walking towards the highest point of Cebu; Osmena Peak….

Well, we only thought of using it during this trip but the comfort it brought made us decide to continue using it up to our luxurious trip to Sumilon Blue Water resort.

To tell you the absolute truth, I wasn’t really keen on us using the KEENS (pun intended). It gave me this lingering uncertainty of what nots but, I dumbfoundedly ate my words because they were definitely one with our soles as soon as the sandals touched the ground of the trail. It was great during our mountain trip and it wasn’t awkward during our luxurious beach resort respite.

As for myself (BTW, I’m Dane), I used the KEEN Waimea H2 and boy did it carry my body up the peak.

At first fit, I thought the rubber used on it was hard but as I was climbing up the trail, it hugged my feet and protected my sole up to the very end. It wasn’t sore after and I really tried banging my foot on a sharp limestone just to get a feel but no, it really protected my feet.

There was even a part of the path were sharp grass protruded from the trail but again, the front cover of the slip-on protected my toes.

I was given the choice of getting a fully covered sandal or this slip on but because of my lazy attitude, I picked the latter and boy do I love myself for doing just that. Not only can you slip it on and out easily, it was also easier for me to remove stones and sands that made their way between my foot and the rubber.

All in all, it was a pretty perfect companion during the hike atop the summit. It was with me during the windy assault and its rough exterior design became one with nature as soon as I slipped it out for a photo.

I also used it during our Sumilon trip and it wasn’t out of place. Because of its aesthetic design and cool exterior, I was able to use it during the casual day without looking like a freak from the outdoors navigating the luxurious resort.

On the negative side, it’s a bit harder than the usual slippers from Havaianas or Nikes but I think those soft slip-ons wouldn’t even last 10 minutes on the trail. A little bit of hard rubber is worth it for the durability it brings.

To finish my assessment, it gave me hope for the future. Durability looks great but time will be the only one that could tell if it will survive the mountains. As of today, it’s off to a good start. I would even consider bringing it to our major climbs as back-up footwear. I trust it that much.

Enough of Dane already!! It’s time for me. By the way, my name is Magnet (short for Agnes… I think??).

I used the KEEN Newport H2 and upon wearing the covered sandals, it didn’t even take a second for me to decide using it during this mountain-beach backpacking trip. It was that comfortable.

It didn’t slip while walking on mud and it protected the sole vigorously while letting air pass through the vents. It hugged my feet comfortably as we ran through the rugged path of the mountain.

I may have slipped a few times while walking on moss laden cement but come on… All of us slipped on that part.

It was light almost like paper and glided with my legs easily. The only downside I can think of is when small rocks entered between the sole and rubber through the vents.

I reached the top of Osmena Peak easily with the help of my new found KEENs. It contorted flexibly as my feet passed through the sharp rocks of the trail. All in all, it was a perfect day hike companion.

I also used it during our Sumilon trip and even wore it during our snorkelling sessions. It protected the soles of my feet from the sharp rocks and it provided cushion while walking down the beach.

I thought I was burdened to walk on wet sandals but it easily dried off in a matter of minutes under the sun. Yup, another added bonus.

We walked on the shores of the island and circled the whole of it yet, the sandals didn’t give me any kind of discomfort. It was good for hiking as well for simple long walks.

And unlike all other outdoor footwear, I didn’t even think twice wearing this inside the airport. The design is cute and it wouldn’t be out of place while wearing it inside the urban jungle.

All in all, the KEEN Newport H2 was a wonderful backpacking companion and it will definitely be my partner for other upcoming backpacking trips.

As conclusion for both KEENs, they were definitely great as addition to our ever growing hiking arsenal. Not only did it take us up high the mountain peaks but it also carried us through the sands of the beach. Finally, we have sandals that can take us directly anywhere without the need of changing and if I were to bestow a good nickname for these, I would call it “the Everywhere Footwear!!!”

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  1. dane, saan ito available? hahanap kasi papa ko ng sandals e haha

    1. Sa r.o.x na store available. Madami din colors and ibang designs.

  2. type ng papa ko yung semi close haha

  3. I haven't hike with sandals before. Maybe I'll give it a shot. Merry Christmas!


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