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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cebu | Maribago · Bluewater Beach Resort

As we walked through the long corridors of Cebu-Mactan International airport, I wondered how great it would be to be treated like a king. We as mountaineers are accustomed to receive all kinds of amenities as bonus but it would be so nice to have a weekend where you just have to sit down, relax and have some unending fun. 

I was off to my never ending reverie when all of a sudden, the momentary wondering came to a halt as soon as we were received by our own personal chauffeur. All of those things became a reality through the hands of the very accommodating staff of the luxurious Maribago Bluewater Resort, where we were treated like kings and pampered like royalty.

At first contact with our seats inside our own personal van, the chauffeur instantly gave us drinks and towels for refreshment. The cloth they gave us, which was lemon grass scented, gave us a good and clear sign of what this trip would be. From that point on, it was pure fun and soothing relaxation.

Arrival time: 07:00 AM. The check-in schedule was supposed to be 11 AM but we arrived earlier than expected. We considered leaving our things at the front desk while waiting for our villa but the management immediately gave us an unoccupied room where we could stay temporarily. I really tried bringing my bag but they insisted heavily and assisted us with all of our luggage.

I think, one of the most awesome aspects of the resort is their overly courteous and superbly hospitably staff. They would answer you with huge smiles on their faces, greet you in a very light-hearted manner and help you in your troubles with utter poise and dedication. They are always there to make sure that you’re experiencing the most awesome and worry-free time of your life.

And if you think they would allow it for you to be burdened by walking, you are very wrong. A golf cart is readily available to fetch you from the front desk directly to the front porch of your room. 

As soon as we stepped on the front door, it was absolute heaven. Our temporary abode was only the cheapest of rooms but I still fell in love with it. It was cozy, comfortable and spacious. Great for a couple of persons coming from a very early flight. We rested a bit then proceeded on touring the whole island.

The place really has awesome amenities. They have 3 big swimming pools, 3 awesome restaurants, an amusement area where you can play chess, billiards, table tennis, darts etc. etc and a long spread of white sand beach where one can enjoy a refreshing salt-water dip. A fun-filled day was clearly in sight.

Alegro pool
Amuma pool
life-size chess
With the place being close to the ocean, water-sport activities are abundant. One can even go for a jet-ski ride as long as the current is manageable. You can also go Scuba diving, Island hopping and shallow water snorkelling. As for us, we've chosen to skip these amenities as we only wanted to relax. We were used to those things anyway, that’s why we decided to lay low on action-packed activities.

As guests of the resort, we respectfully asked if we could take a look at the other rooms. First on the list was the deluxe room. The smallest of the bunch yet still fascinating to stay in. This was the room given to us temporarily while we waited for our villa.

spacious interior
capiz gives it a native feel
Second was the Amuma suite, which are the rooms by the side of the Amuma Spa. These are the ones closest to the treatment facility that houses the spa, salon and the gym.

wood floor excellence
awesome bathroom
Third was the Royal Bungalow. It is located at the beach where one can enjoy the sands and the morning air. It has a separate living space and spacious balcony with hammocks, ideal for a vacationing family.

big room for family
front porch
After an hour circling the place, our villa was finally available. I didn’t really care about changing rooms as I have grown to love the bed in ours but as we went inside the Premier Deluxe room, I suddenly had a change of heart. It is, by far, the most beautiful and luxurious resort room I have ever slept on.

floating beds
It has floating beds, flat screen TV and a scintillating shower area that boasts a sky-lit bath tub designed to absolute perfection. I love the other room we had but this other one is just stunning.

luxurious feel
Indeed, luxury was the theme embedded inside this place. We went for a quick bath then rested for about an hour.

again.. awesome bathroom
Since we only ate 1 meal before our early flight, starvation was imminent. The sun shimmered directly up above our heads while our stomachs started to grumble incessantly. Thankfully, the lunch we would be partaking was an all-you-can-eat buffet filled with sumptuous feasts.

From Asian delicacies to western common food, the choices were really diverse so to satisfy every crumb of your cravings. As for me, I went all out. I ate a butt-load of Chinese dumplings, roasted pork belly, slices of pizza and even had 3 crème Brules for dessert.

We chilled by the pool side after our sumptuous lunch and prepared for a supposedly mind-blowing pampering, care of the courteous hands of the Amuma Spa.

Was it mind-blowing? My answer would be a resonant, “YES”. I was suffering back aches for 2 weeks before the treatment and surprisingly, the spa really did remove all the pain in my back. I tend to keep myself awake during massages but this was the only time in my entire life where I wasn’t able to fight my eye lids from closing. It was that relaxing!

The aroma was perfect, the ambiance was superb and cap it all off, the ginger tea served after the spa was immaculate.

Next on our list was to have a quick dip at one of their finely designed swimming pools. It was a very good time killer as we counted the minutes waiting for the steak dinner we would be indulging moments after.

I had an Australian rib eye while Agnes had the fillet mignon. Again, the food was delicious whilst being served with a “5-star restaurant” finesse. We couldn’t really ask for anything more yet we were still given the freedom to get any/all of the appetizers displayed on the table. Choices ranging from cold cuts, beautifully prepared cocktail food to sweet and tasty desserts. They really wouldn’t settle for an only okay experience. It has to be always spectacular.

After our dinner, we went straight back to our room, had an awesome shower and decided to close our eyes to cap off a very wonderful day.

It was bitter-sweet as the sun started to rise from the horizon. We had to checkout early for us to catch the bus of our next destination. We concluded our stay with an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet then we sat beside the pool, pondering on our luxurious 2-day stay at Maribago.

Before the start of this trip, I never really had this kind of indulgence and leisure. I always wanted to book a room at a luxury resort to experience all of its grandeur and we’re just so thankful that we chose the right one to stay in.

Maribago Bluewater resort, in all of its lemon-grass scented enchantment, really took a big place in our hearts. It may have been hard for us to check-out considering all the fun time we’ve just had but the promise of another Luxurious Bluewater resort looming down south was enough to keep ourselves tramping.

To be continued…

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Buyong Maribago, Lapu-lapu City
Cebu, Philippines 6015

Phone: (63 32) 492 0100
Fax: (63 32) 492 1808

Rm. 704 Cityland Herrera Tower Rufino cor. Valero Sts. Salcedo Village,
Makati City, Philippines

Phone: (63 2) 817-5751 / 887-1348
Fax: (63 2) 893-5391

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How to go to Maribago Bluewater resort

Daily flights from Manila to Cebu are available regularly.

From Cebu-Mactan International Airport, board a taxi straight to Maribago bluewater resort. You can also request (with additional charge) for a shuttle from the airport to Maribago bluewater resort upon booking.

Additional photos of the Maribago Bluewater Resort:

the cove bar outdoor area
entrance to the Amuma Spa
massage bed
cozy waiting area
well-designed swimming pools


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