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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

SP | Cintai by Corito's Garden

A perfect place to unwind and relax. An environment that encourages you to disconnect from the web world and be in touch with oneself. We really wanted to stay somewhere comfortable after a magical day at Enchanted Kingdom and fortunately, we were in the best of luck. For the good guys that organized this Microtel weekend trip took us directly to the beautiful Balinese resort, Cintai by Corito’s Garden.

Upon setting foot inside the resort, humongous gates welcomed us with their respective Balinese carvings. It was a simple peek at what the whole place had to offer. Everything from the furniture, decorations and walls, to every nook and cranny the resort had was intricately done. It was a really nice and artistic place that can take your mind off everything.

The villa given to our group was spacious. They didn’t install a TV set thus promoting a true vacation from the modern world. They pursue a spiritual relaxation that truly comforts the mind. Heck! I could even say that my spirit was cleansed.

They offered a total of 18 wonderful villas, complete with Balinese inspired artwork and design. The one we stayed in was a ~60 sqm room, good for 2-4 persons, complemented by 2 queen-sized beds. It has all standard hotel freebies concluded by a bathroom so gorgeous, you’d want to extend your bath time.

All villas have its own veranda for socialization and they also have free breakfast in the morning. The room was so comfortable that we actually stayed there for almost the entire day. The bed was just so inviting and the views afforded by the front yard was always lulling us to a relaxed state.

There’s also a family villa that fits 3 queen-sized beds and a living room

and one huge executive villa that has its own bar, dining area and hot tub. I wasn’t sure if the brand was Jacuzzi but it was still a very awesome perk.

After a very nice slumber, we directly went to the pool area near our villa. It was a large pool, capable of sporting all persons from company outings or family reunions.

They also have an entertainment area where one can watch movies either provided by the resort or brought by your group. The place also has a playground where kids can enjoy a short exercise and a mini zoo where you can watch dears, mini horses, peacocks and more. The place really offer a lot of attractions.

The resort can cater to such big events like weddings, company outings or parties, family reuinions, etc. etc. The place is just that big to have any group activity under the sun!

After a great day, we bid goodbye to this Balinese resort with full joy. We’ve never been to Bali but thanks to this place, we had a little glimpse of what it has. It is truly a great place to turn off your phone, relax and just enjoy the vacation.

For rates and other information:
Cintai by Corito’s Garden
Sitio Pandayan, Malabanan Balete, Batangas
Mobile: +63917.833.1508 / +63917.833.1728

*this is a sponsored post

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